Shaker al-Nabulsi, 1940-2014

It is with profound sadness and regret that we announce the passing of Shaker al-Nabulsi, who passed away the morning of 14 January 2014.

The news of his death has come as a grievous blow. Shaker was a prodigious and indefatigable author (over 60 books) and a courageous voice of reform. He was a founder signatory of the 2007 St Petersburg Declaration that called for Islamic societies to oppose Sharīʻa law and was a conspicuous figure in the media promoting the cause of religious freedom and tolerance.

Shaker was instrumental in helping the Almuslih site get off the ground, and was always a vital source of advice and information, while his constant recommendations for authors and themes helped maintained the site’s focus and originality. We will always remember his enthusiasm for our first Conference at Rome and his personal commitment to our work. This loss only spurs us on to redouble our efforts to promote the work of progressive Arab thinkers and increase the influence of their voice of enlightenment in a fast darkening age.

Director, Almuslih



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Shaker al-Nabulsi at the 2012 Almuslih Rome Conference with (l-r) Abdulkhaliq Hussein, Lafif Lakhdar and Hashem Saleh