Mohammed al-Sanduk

Dr. Mohammed ‘Izz al-Din al-Sanduk is an Iraqi physicist, thinker, and academician and visiting professor at the University of Surrey, with a doctorate in Physics from Manchester University’s Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST). He specializes in Plasma Physics and the foundation of Quantum Mechanics with a number of studies and scientific research papers published in his specialist journals. He is a Chartered Physicist, a member of the Institute of Physics (IoP), and a member of American Physical Society (APS). In addition to his specialty he is interested in the philosophy of science and technology and was a member of the academic staff of Pontifical Babel College for Philosophy and Theology, and a member of Philosophy of Science group in Iraq’s Bayt al-Hikma “House of Wisdom”. He has presented models such as the employment of a statistical technique to trace the development of science in Arabic-Islamic and western civilization, showing explicitly the rise and decline of Arabic-Islamic science. Sanduk’s researches serve to throw light on the historical origins of the present problems of the Arab-Muslim societies.