Riyadh Hammadi

Yemeni writer, critic and translator. Interested in literary and film criticism and criticism of religious thought. Contributing author to the Almuslih publication: ‘Reforming Islam- Progressive Voices from Arabic Islamic World’ published in English in the USA, December 2014. He has four short story collections: ‘The Day We Call Every Bullet by Its Name’ (2016), ‘Steps in the Same River’ (2018), ‘They Don’t Open Coffins’ (2021), ‘Heart Scribbles’ (2021). Translated from English Four poetry collections: ‘A Life Worth Running’ (2018), ‘Tagore's Fireflies, Mystical Poetic Fragments’ (2018), ‘A Prayer for Marilyn Monroe’ (2019). Translated Ismail Qadri's ‘Broken Nissan’ in two editions (2020 and 2022); ‘Shakespeare and Companions’ - Sylvia Beach's memoirs (2021) and ‘Far From Home’, a collection of short philosophical stories (2021).