Rasha Awad

Rasha Awad is a leading voice of enlightenment, a prominent campaigner for civil society, human rights and women issues, and has been at the forefront of opposition to the abuses of the Islamist dominated regime in Sudan. After being banned from writing in 2012, she became an editor of the Sudanese newspaper Al-Tahgyeer (which means ‘Change’ in Arabic) founded in May 2013, which publishes work by leading journalists and writers who have been detained, tortured, denied their rights to write, or otherwise lost their jobs due to newspapers being controlled or shut down by the regime. It has had its own circulation confiscated on more than one occasion. Rasha Awad has distinguished herself for her courage and forthright reporting, and due to the accelerating levels of persecution of liberal and enlightenment opinion in Sudan, is now living in Cairo from where she continues her journalistic and campaigning work.